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Primary Differences Between The Dana 44 And The Dana 60

The Dana 44
The first Dana 44 axle shaft was made way back in 1940s and continues to be made in front and rear models even today. Both automotive manufacturer (OEMs) as well as automotive aftermarket has been using these axle shafts. Dana has made them as independent suspension as well as beam type axle for rear axle assemblies as well as front.

Numerous automotive OEMs have been making vehicles with Dana 44 axles / axle assemblies. Even Jeep, which makes four wheel drive trucks uses Dana 44 axles for front as well rear side. Dana 44 axles are suitable for gross weight rating up to 3500 pounds. These axles are normally semi-floating type. Semi Floating axles are the ones which have one bearing towards the flange end of axle shaft / Wheel side of the vehicle which allows the axle shaft to rotate as well carry the weight of vehicle.

Even some Chevrolet Corvettes between 1985 to 1996 Corvette C4s had Dana 44 ICA axles with independent rear suspension. The Dodge Viper had always been using Dana 44 IRS i.e. Independent Rear Suspension setup.

The Dana 60

Dana 60 axle shafts are heavy duty shafts meant for gross weight ratings above 3500 pounds. These axles are primarily being used by OEMs i.e. original Equipment manufacturers like Ford, Chrysler, Dodge and Chevrolet for their heavy duty pick up applications. The Dana 60 axles come in different versions such as four wheel drive front steering versions and front and rear axle shaft versions. Ford even today uses Dana 60 front axles. The weight of Dana 60 axles is normally 500 pounds and these come in Semi Float and Full Float Versions. The semi float axles are normally used for gross weight ratings upto 5500 pounds and for heavier applications upto 6500 pounds rating use full float axles.

The Dana 60 axles come in different variations such as Ball Joint and King Pin Variation, Standard and Reverse Cut rotation variations and Limited Slip and Open variations. The housings are normally made from ductile iron though nowadays forged versions are also available in the aftermarket. Ford and GM offers these Dana 60 axles with locking hubs. Over a period of time various enthusiasts and aftermarket distributors have come out with a number of upgrades and modified versions such as with stronger materials such 4140 and 4340, ball joints and universal joints with different traction control systems like limited slip differentials and locking differentials.

Primary Differences between the Dana 44 and the Dana 60
Lighter duty vehicles such as Dodge trucks, Ford trucks, Nissan Titan and Isuzu Rodeo and also Jeeps have been using Dana 44 axles. The utilization of Central Locking Hub and Centre axle disconnect system is what made these Dana 44 axles famous. Vehicles such as Ford F250, F350 and F450 trucks and Dodge 1 ton truck have been using Dana 60 axles. The Rear Axle version of Dana 60 axles was also used in Dodge Coronets and Chargers, Plymouth Belvedere and Road Runners, Ford 3/4-ton trucks and Chevrolet and GMX 3/4- and 1-ton pickups and vans. The aftermarket and enthusiasts have also been a big fan of Dana 60 axles and have been selling quite good numbers of these.
The semi floating and full floating version of Dana 60 Rear Axles was used in Jeep, Ford, GM and Dodge 3/4 & 1-ton trucks and vans from 1957-02 . The Dana 60-2 semi floating rear axle shaft used in Gladiator J-4000 trucks from 1969-73 had 5 holes pattern on a flange dia of 5.5 and the Jeeps J-20 trucks from 1974-87 used the Dana 60-3 full floating rear axle shaft version which jad 8 lugs pattern on flange dia of 6.5.

The Dana 60 front axles which come in different lengths but all in 35 splines were used in GM 1 ton applications during 1977 to 1991. Ford used them in ton applications with Snowfighter and Camper Special options during 1978-79 and on Super Duty trucks during 2002 onwards and also sparingly in Ford 1 ton pickups from 1978-04. Dodge used them for ton and 1 ton trucks during 1975- 02 and in IHC 1300 Camper Special trucks during 1975.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Does anybody know if a 205 transfer case out of a 1979 ford bronco fit in a 90 dodge 3 1/4 ton pickup diesel ?

    • ANSWER:
      Ask a junk yard at http://www.junkyarddog.com http://www.car-parts.com

    MPG on 3/4 ton Diesel pickup?
    I am just looking for a ballpark number, make would be helpful but not required. Thanks

    • ANSWER:

    02-03 3/4 ton Diesel Extended/Crew cab pickup truck WNY???
    We are looking for a 2002-03, 3/4 ton, Extended/Crew cab, Diesel, 4×4 HD Pickup truck (Ford or GM, not Dodge) in Western NY (West of Syracuse) for under 20K. They are terribly hard to find, even for more than 20K. Anybody know of any? (sorry if any of my description is redundant or contradictory- my bf is the truck guru, not me) Pics/links would be great!

    • ANSWER:
      try www.graigslist.org it will allow to search a broder area throughout the state of NY as well as the Northeast

    do you have pictures of a wiring digraam for a 94 chevy 6.5 turbo diesel 3/4 ton pickup?

    there is electronic box mounted above the throttle peddle that has 2 plugs the wires have been cut now the truck wont run more than 15 mins then dies and wont restart

    • ANSWER:
      You can also go to the dealer and they can print you a picture. If you are going to buy a book, get a Chilton’s. They are much more detailed and have the illustrations.

    Got a 1989 Chevy 3/4 ton Chevy pickup with a 6.2 diesel?
    Would like to know what it would take to put a gas engine in it. It has a turbo 400 trans and i would like to know if any engines are a direct bolt in.

    • ANSWER:
      The engine bolting up is the least of your problems, you will have to have major fuel system changes, you cant use anything from your fuel system except maybe the tank, a diesel fuel system is ten times more elaborate than a gas, then you have the computer to worry i’m pretty sure the 6.2 is OBD I, about the only thing that would save you there is a carburetor and figuring out the non existent ignition system, the throttle is going to be tricky, the engine might bolt up to the transmission but you might want to check to see if the motor mounts will fit, you will probably have to do some extra wiring because the Diesel should have dual batteries and the starter system will have to be redone, your best off getting your gas engine, and a similar junked gas truck and swapping all the systems over

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