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New Mahindra Xuv 500 Global Suv Launched

New Mahindra XUV 500 Global SUV Launched

Mahindra & Mahindra, the largest utility car or truck producer has launched its premium SUV, XUV 500. It can give an extremely stiff levels of competition to Toyota Fortuner & Tata Aria. It will probably be accessible in 4-by-4 & 2-by-2 wheel generate. As the car is meant, maintaining in intellect the worldwide clients, it has become developed retaining in mind the excellent, technology & emissions, matching the planet requirements & will also be possessing some planet type safety & luxury features.


Its chrome grille offers it an incredibly bold & hulky seem. The front part seems quite gigantic, courtesy to huge bumpers & headlamps, & heavy grille with adjustable headlamps, carrying the organization emblem. Front & rear fog lamps are also existing. Both equally entrance & rear tyres have disc brakes. Numeric specifications are: gross excess weight =2450kg, height =1785mm, length =4585mm, width =1890mm & wheel base =2700mm.


XUV 500 is getting m-Hawk engine, which was there in its predecessor, Mahindra Scorpio. It has 2.2-ltr CRD-I, 2179cc, 4-cylinders, 16V, Direct Injection Diesel Engine with 6-pace manual transmission, shelling out the fuel efficiency of 15.1 km/l. The engine produces 140bhp@3750rpm of strength & torque of 330Nm@1600-2800rpm. The fuel tank capacity is 70lts. The minimum turning radius is 5.6m & the tyres specifications are P235/sixty five R14 radial tubeless.


It has the finest upholstery, wooden finishing, adjustable power steering with mounted controls, adjustable seats & integrated stereo technique with 6 audio system supplying out HD sound. Over all it has effect filter multimedia system, driver facts system & pressure monitoring process. The eye-catching capabilities which are supposed to be existing in XUV-500 may be rain sensitive wiper & sunlight delicate head lamp.


The Mahindra XUV 500 is loaded with advanced safety features obtainable till now like ABS, EBD & 6-airbags, for safety from the collision. Park help element, an extremely useful characteristic for parking these types of a huge car or truck, is there, to offer safety to the highway, although parking. Other functions that are also in the listing are fog lamps, rear defogger & large mounted stop.

It might be a very huge car, but it will likely be simply brought under handle by its strength full steering, smooth transmission, excellent suspension & vast tyres acquiring a excellent grip around the road. Other features are hill descent/ascent regulate, ESP.


The foundation mannequin of XUV 500, W6, packed with all most up-to-date attributes may be launched at very competitive starting price of Rs. 10.8 lakhs. W8, a 2-wheel generate motor vehicle is carrying a price of Rs. 11.95 lakhs. It”s all wheel generate, W8-AWD, might be purchased by shelling out Rs. 12.88 lakhs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What 4 cylinder diesel Pickups have been in the American Market?
    so I’m looking for a 4 cylinder diesel pickup truck to convert to vegetable oil. I’m not sure what makes, models, and years to keep an eye out for. Any suggestions for trucks that have been in the American market? Are these trucks more common on the Mexican or Canadian market?
    Also a question on terminology: are these 4 cylinder pickups known as compact, light duty, or what? what is the difference between these terms? Are there any other terms that would help me to find these smaller pickups?
    well thats more questions than i meant to ask, but I’m very confused. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Toyota, Isuzu, Chevy Luv, VW, and also the Ford Ranger. These are considered compact. Compact is a smaller truck than the light duty. light duty is considered a half ton.

      The VW is a great runner and can be found up to the early 80′s as well as the Luv. The Ford was around 86-89 and the Isuzu and Toyota were until early 90′s.

    How far away is the automotive industry from producing 4-door, 4×4, 4-cylinder, diesel, hybrid, pickup trucks?
    I want a pickup that has great towing capability (i.e. > 8,000 lbs), can stand up to a Montana winter, and gets over 30mpg. I’m cheering you on Detroit!

    • ANSWER:
      I’m sure they already have the technology, but they (the auto industry) insist that they can’t implement it in their vehicles because it will increase the cost of the vehicles and consumer won’t be able to afford them. Nevermind that I see all these jerks driving around in Hummers and Escalades.
      If the government started imposing heavy taxes on inefficient vehicles, then perhaps the tide would turn.

    every when do i change the oil on a 4 cylinder 3.7 L diesel truck?

    • ANSWER:
      diesels are different than gas engines, i’d say 5,000 to 10,000 miles

    Is the 6 cylinder the only size diesel from Dodge 3/4 and 1 ton trucks? I need some comments on Dodge 3/4 ton?

    • ANSWER:
      I have had 2 cummins turbo diesels and now have a Ford.The cummins is an excellent motor and is way better designed than the Ford or Gm diesels.I worked as a diesel mechanic and it seemed v8 diesels don’t have anywhere near the longevity of the inline diesels.One problem I noticed was on the caterpillar 3208 v8 diesels is they would puke rods at about 250,000 miles.I asked my boss why and he told me because diesels have higher compresion the v8 engines have problems with rods snapping because of the high compression and the laid over rod angle.If you look at the rod sizes of the ford, gm, and cummins diesels the cummins by far has the beefiest rods.With its inline design all the pressure put on the rod is straight down almost so the rod takes pressure straight down without as much side pressure.The ford I have has had an unreasonable amount of problems and what good is more hill climbing power if when you go to use it the truck heats up?Thats with a new radiator ,water pump,thermostat and fan clutch.

    whats better a 4 cylinder pick up, diesel or gas, does it make a difference?
    i just want to compare whats better when it comes to a compact pick up truck.

    • ANSWER:
      Diesel is high maint but if maint can go high miles. Gas is run till it dies and it’s cheap to rebuild. The 4 diesel is low horse also.

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