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How Fuel Additive Can Help You Save On Gas: Check Out Fuel Direct

What other gas savers are out there to counteract rising gas prices? Improving gas mileage in my cars has become very important to me since it seems that gas prices won’t be declining anytime soon. So, I did a little research to find the best, economical method to save on gas. When I started this research, that was it, just research, until I saw what this organization had to offer. Following is my review.

After a union of these two companies, Nature Rich and 20 year old Xp Lab, there was over .2 billion of their specific fuel additive sales over the last year. Xp Lab has a product that is time tested and the two businesses now united, have a great infrastructure in place and have formed a company called Fuel Direct.

This newly formed business has had their own fuel additive for the last 18 months and those who have been using it have claimed a savings of to per tank of gas! Ya, right I thought, so I decided to purchase some of the product myself and check it out. I will show you my test results at the end of the article. You will be amazed!

Their fuel additive is this corporation’s solitary focus. The fuel additive accomplishes the following: Trim engine wear by over 40%
Add to the life of the vehicle
Reduces maintenance costs
Reduce your vehicles harmful toxic emissions by 40 to 60% creating a cleaner environment
Works great in diesel and gas engines like motorcycles, trucks, cars, boats, motor homes, heavy equipment, generators just to name a few
Green Product and 100% Biodegradable

Check this out ….

How much can be saved? Well, a popular multinational soft drink company calculated it’s diesel fuel savings based on the effectiveness of this fuel additive. Adding up all of the trucks tested, the net fuel savings was ,000 per year! Those same 100 trucks’ life expectancy was estimated to be increased by 25% and the company would save an estimated ,000 in maintenance costs!

Saving money on gas isn’t the only thing. They also have a plan where you can get your fuel additive for free, free gas cards and make some extra cash. This is how it works…
Pay a low ONE TIME membership fee
With it you get product to treat 36 tanks of gas!
NO monthly fees and NO auto ships (this is a huge plus in my book!)

Here is how the Make Money part works…
You share this with 2 people
Help them share with 2 people
The result is a team of 6
You get paid a 0 check
You receive a gas card
You get enough product for 12 more tanks of gas
Your own website… a turnkey system website to tell the story so you don’t have to sell anything. This system will also send you a text or email to let you know if someone is watching your videos so you can follow up with them.

Interesting facts…
Membership is NOT required to get the fuel additive. You can just buy it!
The fuel industry is larger than the wellness and travel industries combined. With fuel being the most consumable commodity we have and the gas prices expected to rise over the next 5 years, it makes sense that people are looking for ways to save on gas.
This specific formula is currently selling over billion annually in the commercial market alone.
Here is my personal use of this product. As I said at the beginning, you will be amazed!

Beginning MPG on our 09 Honda CRV 19 mpg
1st Treatment of additive (two tubes)23.5 mpg
2nd Treatment of additive (one tube) 24.5 mpg
3rd Treatment of additive (one tube) 27.1 mpg
4th Treatment of additive (one tube) 23.5 mpg
Average MPG with XP3 24.65 mpg
Miles per tank after additive 295.80 12 gallons to fill at 24.65 miles per gallon
Miles per tank before additive 22812 gallons to fill at 19 miles per gallon
295.80 minus 228 miles equals an extra 67.8 miles per Tank
67.8 miles divided by 19 mpg is a savings of 3.65 gallons of gas
3.65 gallons times .49 per gallon equals a savings of .45 per tank of gas!!
We fill up twice a week so multiply by 8 and you get .60 savings per month on only one of our cars!
We took the savings per tank of gas and divided it by the size of our tank and got our savings per gallon of gas!!! 12.45/12 equals…
.04 savings per gallon of gas!!!

My documentation has proved to me the value of this product and the validity of this business. As far as I have researched, all of their claims are true. Also, I finally bounced this off my son who is a mechanic. He totally stands behind this product.

If you crave more information go to http://freegaseasymoney.com and you will find a wealth of information at your fingertips. The people at the customer service are amazingly helpful. This really seems to be a reputable product and company.
The best to you in your endeavors!

About the Author:
Please visit http://freegaseasymoney.com We have a product that not only saves you money at the pump, but also reduces maintenance up to 25% and will not void engine warranty! Learn how you can get free gas cards, save on gas and increase gas mileage.

Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com/Article/How-Fuel-Additive-Can-Help-You-Save-On-Gas—Check-Out-Fuel-Direct/2155050

Frequently Asked Questions

    Which heavy duty diesel pickup truck gets the best fuel mileage?

    • ANSWER:
      I hate to say it but probably Dodge…

    Looking for a diesel pickup. What gets the best fuel mileage. Ford, Chevy, Dodge?
    Ok, so I’m looking for a pickup somewhere between 2003-2005 I like the Cummins 5.9L HO and I know it makes the most power stock of the three but does it get better fuel mileage? I would assume so since its actually the smaller of the three but who knows. I have been searching the internet for hours and can’t find anything!
    I already looked at the EPA site, only has numbers for the Gas engines. I also looked at KBB and Edmunds.

    • ANSWER:

    Which diesel pickup is the most fuel efficient?
    I’m looking into purchasing a used (2004+) diesel pickup. I am interested in modding the truck for better performance as well as fuel mileage, and was wondering which trucks average the best mileage with minor modifications (intake, chip and exhaust)

    • ANSWER:
      Most efficient is the GM Duramax, followed by the Dodge Cummings and in the last place is the Ford Navistar.
      According to a magazine test I just read.

    Travel trailer 5th Wheeler Diesel Pickup?
    I am looking for a Diesel pickup to pull my 26 foot 5th wheeler, I want either a Ford, Chevy/GMC or a Dodge, which would get the best fuel mileage and what do you think my fuel mileage would be?
    Well I don’t know how much it weighs, but it is a standard size 5th wheeler, with fiberglass sides, and everything that would come with it. So it looks to be pretty heavy, I was told I need at least a 3/4 ton Pickup. It may in the area of 5000-7000 pounds.

    • ANSWER:
      Ford has a good diesel and better transmission than Dodge.Stay away from Duramax disposible engines.

    is it worth it to buy an older truck? Specifically the ’96-’98 Ford F-350?
    If I could have it my way I would get a ,000 brand new 2012 Ford F-450 pickup. But I simply can not afford something that great.

    But I notice that I really do love the older trucks. Like around ’96 or ’98 Ford F-350′s really tickle my fancy. I like it when they look like they were immaculately taken care of and most likely restored a bit/ painted new.

    And I do understand that the Diesel trucks can go 350,000 miles before needing to be rebuilt.

    My one and only concern is this………….if I get an older truck that is in beautiful condition and quite possibly restored a bit………how much trouble can I expect if it has a lot of miles on it? I dont want to spend big money on repairs or breaking down and not being able to get to work. what if it has 100,000 or 125,000 or even more miles?

    plus who the heck is going to be able to find parts for it and repair it if it needs repairs?

    is getting an older truck like this more trouble than its worth? i really love them loud diesel engine older trucks.

    oh, and how bad is the fuel mileage? obviously i know it wont be great. but what is your best guess? just everyday driving no hauling.

    • ANSWER:
      “Worth it” implies a comparison with something else. Yours seems to be a new truck. A new truck comes with a warranty- if the motor and transmission fall on the ground, the manufacturer will fix it. OTOH, if the tire blows out, that’s on you. That’s the way it is with every kind of vehicle, from motorcycles to Corvettes to Volvos.

      If you find an older truck, will it break down? No one can answer that. (We’ll skip over how emotional a paint job can make you feel, with the loud diesel sound making you exceedingly macho, yadda yadda)

      FWIW, I bought a 1995 Ram 2500 with over 200,000 miles and it’s been a very reliable truck. I hauled my 8800-pound trailer and broke fifth gear, so I spent 00 on rebuilding my transmission and on a Gear Vendor gear splitter; now I cruise in fourth with the gear splitter. But you may want to be loud and macho with an automatic transmission.

      BTW my mileage with the trailer is about 16 mpg, and about 20 without.

      What to do? Well, you can save your pennies until you’ve got millions of ‘em, or you can bite the reliability bullet and get a used truck. Before you pay for the truck, take it to a diagnostic shop and get them to do a complete check-up. Might cost you a bit, but it’s far cheaper than buying a truck with a pending major break-down. Check your yellow pages (or google) for “vehicle diagnostic) where you live.

      Further, I almost got a F-350, but I’m really happy with the Dodge because it came with a Cummins diesel, not the Fordomatic. Might be, the Ford diesel is good. But there’s no doubt about a Cummins – it’s outstanding! … Best of luck!

      Added: Ignore the aptly-named previous answer. Ethanol is for gasoline motors, not diesels. And I’ve found bio-diesel that’s [FAQ-ANSWER].25 cheaper than dino-diesel, and my truck runs great with it.

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