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Hydrogen Generator/hhokit, Does It Increase Fuel Mileage?

A hydrogen generator installed on your car will help you increase fuel mileage by making gas work more efficiently. It does not require any engine modifications, so your car warranty is still in tacked, instead a hydrogen generator uses your battery to create what is called brown gas. This mixture of hydrogen and ordinary gasoline burns cleaner, longer, and is also safer for your family and for the environment.

The process is amazing yet simple. Using a small amount of electric current from your car battery, water molecules are broken apart inside a hydrogen generator, and that reduces water to its component parts, oxygen and hydrogen. That hydrogen is known as brown gas or Browns gas. When it combines with gasoline, it improves the combustion (or burning) dramatically. That combustion is the process that moves the pistons up and down and makes the whole car run. When more of the fuel is burned inside the combustion chamber, there are a number of positive results.

Horsepower and Performance Soar

One is that more of the gas you buy gets used (or burned), not blown out through your exhaust system. This has a huge impact on fuel economy — up to 60%. It also means your engine will feel vastly more powerful. Horsepower and performance will soar. The brown gas created in your hydrogen generator also makes your engine run smoother, quieter, and shift more easily. Water inside the combustion chamber is the cause.

The hydrogen generator also has an impact on the environment. Water helps your engine run at a lower heat, and emissions of CO2 are drastically reduced. Your car begins to help the environment by adding oxygen, instead of adding carbon dioxide and other toxic byproducts.

Finally, brown gas does not just improve fuel economy and emissions. It is also a safer substance for your family. Since the brown gas created by your hydrogen generator is part hydrogen, it is fifteen times lighter than air and disperses in the air more quickly. Where heavier fuel and fuel vapors will remain on the ground, a flammable hazard, hydrogen disappears into the atmosphere harmlessly. Hydrogen is also completely non toxic; gasoline and diesel fuel and fumes are notoriously toxic for human beings and all animals.

No Downside, Just Benefits

There is very little downside to adding a hydrogen generator to your car, and more benefits than you can count. For example, there are even tax credits available in some states to encourage you to install a system to produce brown gas. We are all more concerned with fuel economy since the price of gas has reached higher levels than ever. Plus, when we as a country increase miles per gallon, we are decreasing our dependence on foreign oil and oil producers. Creating a more energy-efficient lifestyle is a patriotic thing to do.

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Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com/Article/Hydrogen-Generator-hhokit–Does-It-Increase-Fuel-Mileage–/3440304

Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s the city fuel mileage for a 99-02 diesel truck?
    99-02 diesel supercab 4×4 3/4 or 1 ton single or dual rear wheels—any brand.
    Not looking for a “my truck is better than yours” answer. I’m in the market to buy one and would like to know real world fuel milage for these trucks. I’ll be driving less than 20 miles round trip to work daily…need city mileage not highway mileage.

    Please be honest, thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Cummins will get the better mileage.

    Which heavy duty diesel pickup truck gets the best fuel mileage?

    • ANSWER:
      I hate to say it but probably Dodge…

    Does a Gas dump truck give the same fuel mileage per gallon than a Diesel Dump Truck?
    I’m talking about which one give more mileage per gallon

    • ANSWER:
      No way. A diesel will deliver more miles per gallon.

      Where are you that you can even find a dump truck with a gas engine?

    what diesel engine truck has the best fuel mileage factory?

    • ANSWER:
      dodge ram with the cummins engine hands down more power best mpgs

    Who has the best diesel truck (Chevy,ford,dodge.For fuel mileage?

    • ANSWER:
      The Dodge is the best from friends that I’ve talked to. One guy I work with has a Dodge Cummings that keeps improving mileage after 100,000 miles. He claims he gets 22 mpg highway, and has seen 25 mpg towing/hauling. He has a livestock trailer and gets better mileage with the trailer on than off. My uncle has a Ford with the International, he hates it. I don’t know what the mileage is, but he only has about 150,000 miles and has taken it in for something major about every 25,000 miles. I’ve heard the Chevy Duramax is a crap shoot, I know guys that get 20+ regularly, and others that have never seen about 15, GM’s quality on their diesels has been a problem. If it works, it will beat anything out there, if it doesn’t, your better off with a gas engine. I would recommend getting a used model. Any 2006 or newer model has new EPA regulations that are hindering mileage some and causing some mechanical problems.

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