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Diesel Trucks Pictures – The Environmental Benefits Of Using Fuel Cleaning Blends

When you make a decision to use a biodiesel blend in your vehicles and machinery that run on gasoline or regular diesel fuels such as Diesel No. 1 or 2, you are being proactive about the environment. You are being even more proactive if you use a cleaning agent such as Fuelboost to your blend.

First of all using biodiesel blends help reduce the unburned hydrocarbons that are often the result of using straight diesel. Smog is created form unburned hydrocarbons. This creates the brown gas you see called NOX. If you also add a fuel booster (like Fuel Boost) that is designed to decarbonizes engines you will drastically cut the amount of unburned particle matter that you discharge into the atmosphere (Diesel Trucks Pictures).

Aside from the particulates and NOX, the use of biodiesel can help cut emissions of sulfur oxides by as much as 8%. The overall emissions of methane can be cut almost 3% all just by using biodiesel blends. These might seem like small amounts but it matters a lot in terms of the big picture or even if you just happen to be operating a fleet of large vehicles such as trucks or cruise ships. When it comes to making an initial gesture towards halting global warming, using an additive like Fuel Boost is definitely a start towards optimizing those fuels so that you get the most of them both in terms of performance and haulage.

If you are running a large operation that involves the operation of a lot of farm machinery you are reducing your carbon footprint by cutting your fuel with biodiesel and even more by adding a designer fuel boost blend.

When you add a biodiesel blend to your engine you are reducing your carbon footprint. In fact you are giving back more energy to the environment. Lifecycle studies about the use of biodiesel show that for every unit of fossil energy it takes to manufacture fossil fuel, 3.2 units of energy are gained. This kind of lifecycle study would take into account the planting and harvesting of the soy or canola as well as its transportation, production and distribution to the end user.

The overall he overall lifecycle production of wastewater from biodiesel is 79.0% lower than overall production of wastewater from diesel. To put it another way, petroleum diesel generates roughly five times as much wastewater flow than biodiesel. This means that you will be polluting the ground and oceans less if you use biodiesel. To keep these diesel machines running smoothly and reliably so that you dont have to rely on the wrong kinds of polluting fuels in various weather conditions you should also use Fuel Boost.

Scientific research confirms that biodiesel exhaust is less harmful to humans then petroleum-based fuel because it contains NO aromatic compounds like sculpture. The purer the biodiesel the less likely it is to create the cancer causing compounds polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and nitrated PAH compounds. PAH and nPAH compounds cause cancer. The best way to keep your vegetable based fuels running clean is to use something like Fuel Boost which helps reduce sulfur emissions.

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Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com/Article/The-Environmental-Benefits-Of-Using-Fuel-Cleaning-Blends/3511375

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. QUESTION:Why do diesel rag racing trucks take the Front right Headlights out (Duramax)?
    Everytime I see a picture of a Diesel drag truck (Especially duramax’s) The front right headlight is taken out, Is it for clearance or what?

    • ANSWER:That’s where the intake inlet is so taking the headlight out is like creating a hood scoop or Ram-Air.
  2. QUESTION:What trucks are similar to the new Ford Super Duty trucks, but aren’t diesel?
    I’m going to be looking for something with a lot of space and room on the inside. Just like the new Super Duty’s. But diesel is too expensive. Does anyone know any trucks that are similar in looks and space? Pictures would help a lot too! Thank you.

    • ANSWER:The F150 V6 Ecoboost, getting 19mpg with 340hp while the dodge hemi makes 380-390hp at 9mpg.
  3. QUESTION:What is wrong when a diesel truck has huge clouds of white smoke coming out of the stack?
    I saw that the other day and there wasn’t even a point in taking a picture because there was so much white smoke that you couldn’t even see the truck or trailer after it went by.

    • ANSWER:White smoke is generally either a head gasket, blow by through the turbo and unburned fuel as well……
  4. QUESTION:Is It Normal For My Boyfriend To Take Pictures Of Women’s Butts And Cleavage?
    When my boyfriend, who happens to be in his 50′s(and so am I) goes sometimes to Car Races and he also takes his camera with him, not only takes pictures of the Cars, but he also likes taking pictures of women showing their cleavage and women in their short shorts or short skirts.

    This is making feel like I am not attractive enough for him and I feel like he is not being very respectful to me, when he does this. He says that he loves me just the way that I am and is very happy the way that I look, but its making me feel bad about myself.

    Also one of his friends had sent him a picture of a girl in her mid 20′s that was in a T shirt and panties, that came off of his I Phone and his friend had the subject as Diesel Truck. How do I know this, because I had looked at his email, and saw the picture-he does not know I had seen the picture. Anyway, when I asked him yesterday if I could see the picture, he said it was just a picture of a truck and that he had already deleted the email. Well I know that is a lie, because he still has the email saved in his drafts. Why did he feel like he had to lie to me about it?

    I know maybe it was not right to look at his email, but he is always telling me that he does not mind me looking at his mail because he tells me that he has nothing to hide from me. I just know that him lying to me, sure makes me not trust him that much anymore.

    • ANSWER:sounds disrespectful to me…
  5. QUESTION:Is there a website where I can sell industrial vehicles without paying for the ad?
    I need to sell a dump truck and a heavy duty diesel truck. Its even better if i can post pictures free.

    • ANSWER:craigslist.com is free to post and you can load up to 4 photos, but I am not sure how much exposure there is for industrial vehicles. You can try Trader Online Magazine. They do charge, but it is very minimal and much more specific for your needs.


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