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2011 chevy 3500 vs 2011 ford f 350 detailed fuel economy data Diesel Vs Gas Mpg

Ford Figo Diesel Vs Chevrolet Beat Diesel

It has been rightly quoted that if you are having a trusted wayfarer then you can spill the beans on what everyone amuses. Ford Figo Diesel and Chevrolet Beat Diesel both of are tagged as trustworthy globetrotters to string along with and make your drive Happy Drive. To bring out the performance facts we should compare them to amazingly know how different they are.

Chevrolet Beat Diesel is about to sprinkle its aura on the world of clientele. It will be footed with all killer instinct on the ground of competition and expected to have defending price range of Rs 4.5 lakh to 5.5 lakh whereas the diesel version has already gained its ground within the contesting price arena of Rs 3.5 lakh to 5.5 lakh.

After dazzling petrol segment the diesel version of Chevrolet Beat is on the doorstep of steeping down in the market. It will get the notable engine of 1.0L with impressive displacement of 936 cc that will work-up the power of 58 bhp at 150 Nm torque. And the forerunner Ford Figo Diesel is powered by 1.4L with the match-up power of 69 Ps at 160 Nm of torque which is at higher amplitude than Beat. As per facts, both of the hatchbacks are fitted with 5 speed manual transmission system that for smooth driving.

If you are not getting fair-to-middling mileage from your desired car then its all vein has this so, the adequate mileage is also concerned with. The Chevrolet Beat Diesel, supposed to be ARAI Certified, on the impressive fuel ingestion of 24 km/l that makes it the most fuel efficient car in the world. By sides, the Ford Figo Diesel is offering the maximum mileage of 18 km/l.

Your wayfarer must be of impressive dimension to nestle you against its comfortable seating. The upcoming Chevrolet Beat would expect to be carried out the dimensions of 3640 mm, 1595 mm and 1520 mm. And the Ford Figo Diesel is coming with the competitive dimension of 3795mm, 1680mm and 1427 mm.

Noticing above learning Ford Figo Diesel is getting good applause from its enjoyers on the notch of both fuel economy and performance. But it would be a tough-task to staple on its leading position after the launch of Chevrolet Beat which is expected to overturn all of its ad-hoc contenders as it will have the most beating fuel efficiency in the segment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    i am interested in getting a new dodge and was wondering if anyone can tell me the MPG gas Vs. Diesel?

    i want to get a new 2500. i haul a lot.

    • ANSWER:
      I have had two cummins powered trucks both averaged 17 to 19 mpg.The people I know with hemi powered trucks averaged the same.If your not going to do a lot of heavy towing and aren’t planning on putting 500,000 miles on it go with the hemi maintenance can get pricey for the diesel.

    How much MPG from a Ford diesel?
    I plan on buying a used rollback tow truck. I need true data on MPG figures for diesel vs gas. The trucks I’m looking at are Ford 350 and the superduty versions.
    Please provide true MPG figures.

    • ANSWER:
      Fuel consumption will vary by driving style.

      Typically, a diesel will get 33% to 50% better mileage than a gasoline engine. Idling and less than full power situations, the diesel has an even bigger advantage.

      Now to your specific situation, the diesel engine that Ford has been using recently has an awful reputation. Ford actually sued thier engine supplier. See also:


      A person I know with a couple year old F350 diesel gets 16 – 18 mpg normally and 10 – 12 mpg pulling a 32′ 5th wheel that is over 12′ tall.

    Gas vs Diesel which is better for first truck?
    I wont be doing to much towing except for a boat weekends in the summer. Im only going to be going like 20miles a day going back and forth from school. I know Diesel gets better MPG but a Gas truck has lower maintenance. I want to get lowest 15 MPG.
    If anyone has any good years and brand of trucks that would fit this feel free to tell me. I like Dodge, Ford, and Chevy. I have like 00-00 saved up.
    So overall what do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      id avoid the diesel unless you like throwing all your money into it. ive got all dodges love them id avoid 01 an older. but dont expect the best of gas milg.

    What is usual fuel mpg for a ford f250 GAS?
    Anything from a 03-08 ford f250 gas. Highway and around town.
    NEED HELP PLEASE RESPOND ( Please see my other question about diesel vs gas )

    Regular cab- 8ftbed 1.5 door 6.75ft bed

    • ANSWER:
      When I worked for Ford I had a and 05 F-350 V10 4WD as my demo. I got about 8-9 MPG in the city and about 12 on the highway. A V8 would get a little better, around 10-11 MPG city and 13-14 MPG on the highway.

      I think the first guy’s estimates are pretty optimistic.

    gas vs diesel running costs?
    I was wondering I know diesel motors get better gas mileage than gasoline motors I was looking at the dodge ram trucks I have friends that have both the hemi and the cummins the hemi got 12 mpg average and the cummins got 18 mpg both stock expect the hemi has dual exhaust but is the 5-8 better mpg worth the extra running cost such as the expensive oil changes and diesel being like 30 cents more expensive

    • ANSWER:
      You are better off with a diesel engine…

      Most Americans can not afford a diesel engines…

      Not real impressed with the newer low sulphur electronically controlled diesel engines.

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