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How Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Can Give You the Gas Mileage Improvements You Have Been Looking For

Gas prices may have dropped by a couple of cents over the last few days but with the current trends you can bet that it won’t be long before they go up yet again. The days of cheap oil and gasoline are sadly a thing of the past. So if you have any sense you should still be looking for ways to make gas mileage improvements on your vehicles by any means that you can. Along with the latest and most promising ways to improve gas mileage and get more mpg are the hydrogen fuel cell cars.

Hydrogen fuel cell cars are just standard cars that have been converted to use water as a supplement to ordinary gasoline. This is achieved with the use of a DIY hydrogen fuel cell or (homemade hydrogen generator), a small device that provides HHO gas. This HHO gas is then mixed with the ordinary gasoline + air mixture in your cars engine. As this mixture of gases burns with a lot more efficiency and power it gives you fantastic gas mileage improvements. (Notice that I said “supplement” as there are some claims out there that suggest you can run your cars on water alone, which is ridiculous)

One of the best things about hydrogen fuel cell cars (apart from the great gas mileage improvements you get) is that you can convert your existing vehicle easily and cheaply. You do not need to take it to a garage or have a mechanic working on it for days on end. With just a few inexpensive parts that you can buy at any hardware store, and a simple to follow guide to show you how to build a hydrogen fuel cell you can convert your cars in a matter of hours.

Once you have converted your cars into hydrogen fuel cell cars you can expect to get gas mileage improvements of between 35% and 50%. You will also notice that you have a smoother ride and a lot more power, this is due to the cleaner burn that you get, and you will also expect to get less wear on your engine and a lot less harmful exhaust emissions being pumped into the atmosphere.

Another plus with the DIY hydrogen fuel cell is that it is completely reversible, so if you ever wanted to take it out again you can do so without causing any damage to your engine. But with the great gas mileage improvements that you will get the only reason I can see you wanting to remove it for are if you sell your car and want to keep your homemade hydrogen generator to use in your next vehicle.

To learn more about hydrogen fuel cell cars or to find a first class guide to show you how to build a hydrogen fuel cell you should be able to find more than enough information on the internet. With everyone trying to find ways to make gas mileage improvements to their vehicles the DIY hydrogen fuel cell has really caught on and there are dozens of good guides to show you exactly how to go about it.

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Source: http://www.isnare.com/?aid=295333&ca=Automotive

Frequently Asked Questions

    How to make a Hydrogen Fuel Cell that creates electricity?
    i want to make a hydrogen fuel cell that creates electricity, how would i make it, what parts would i need and how a general hydrogen cell works?
    I want it to power a small 2v motor Electric motor.
    i really need help with this. Thanks Regards Callan

    • ANSWER:
      It would be expensive. The Polymer Electrolyte membrane which separates Hydrogen into electron and H+ is still a propriety item and would cost a lot. Again there is a anode catalyst to break hydrogen to electron and H+ which has platinum as an ingredient and this will cost a lot. Another catalyst known as cathodic catalyst is again a propriety item which helps to combine H+, electron and O2 to form water.
      So I think making it at home is going to be very expensive.

    Hydrogen fuel cells have been considered an alternative for a clean source of energy. In a fuel cell, hydrogen?
    Hydrogen fuel cells have been considered an alternative for a clean source of energy. In a fuel cell, hydrogen reacts with oxygen to produce water, and at the same time, it releases a great deal of energy. Write an essay that addresses the chemical reaction of hydrogen fuel cells, the energy that is available from this reaction, and whether this type of alternative fuel is feasible. Be complete and use examples to support your statements

    • ANSWER:
      use perhaps the Riemann’s dzeta function

    how do hydrogen fuel cell cars work? what are the fuel possibilities honda has come with?
    how do hydrogen fuel cell cars work? what are the fuel possibilities honda has come with?Pros and COns?

    • ANSWER:
      Honda has a fuel cell (look them up yourself on how they work, the other poster has given a nice simple explanation). The Honda is not for sale as no one can afford one, instead you can lease them. To fill the tank with H2 gas, Honda will also lease a H2 generator that gets H2 from natural gas. About 95% of all H2 comes from burning natural gas, about 2% from electrolysis of water.

      In any case, to make H2 gas you apply 100 units of energy and get 50 units of energy out in the form of H2 gas, so its very inefficient. As for being clean, well, the car is clean, but the place where the H2 is made is just as dirty as other cars. Don’t you just hate it when you don’t get the whole story!!

      Anyone that uses H2 as a fuel is wasting valuable energy and should be told the error of their ways. But, they are typically only interested in making a quick buck.

    How much Hydrogen is needed to react in a Hydrogen fuel cell?
    So, my question is if anyone knows or can point me to a link is, how much compressed hydrogen is needed to react with a fuel cell to produce enough electrical power to at least equal the amount of drivable distance as a modern gasoline powered car? I can understand that no one may know this as a result of industry secrets and what not, but ill take anything.

    • ANSWER:
      Agua-Luna.com -I LIVE OFF GRID- is so wrong, please don’t listen to this spammer, he’s been banned many times but he keep coming back, sigh.

      The Honda FCX has a 156.6l fuel capacity and a range of 430 KM (about 267 mile).


    Why does my water in my hydrogen fuel cell turn to a weird color?
    When I turn on my hydrogen fuel cell or HHO fuel cell and it runs for a little bit, the water starts to turn like yellowish brownish. And it starts to form bubbles on the top of the water that turn really dark brown or black. What kind of water do I need to use and if I need to mix something in with the water, what is it?
    Thanks Dave I didn’t want to mention that i was using tap water because I wanted to see if someone would state that could be the problem, but when i use distilled water do I need to mix anything in with it. Or can I for better results?

    • ANSWER:
      It could be the catalyst you need to enhance the hydrolysis reaction is discoloring your water.

      I would avoid using tap water — you should be using distilled, deionized water for your fuel cell, or you will end up throwing a lot of dissolved materials into the system which will eventually clog and ruin it.

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