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Chronicle Of Small Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks are the most popular trucking models that are having beds in the rear side and also are the most searched and featured trucks that make the truck buying of the buyers beneficial and advantageous. These trucks are also having the best possible features and functions of towing and storing the goods and cargo. There are different types of Pickup trucks like the Full size Pickup trucks, Small Pickup trucks, Mid Size Pickup trucks and the Sport Utility Pickup trucks. These are the main types of trucks and here the tale of Small Pickup trucks or the Compact Pickup truck is revealed with detail.

The Structure

The structure of these Compact trucks or Small Pickup trucks is quite acceptable to the truck lovers. This type of truck is quite similar to the mini version of heavy trucks. The conventional cab, the leaf spring suspension on the rear wheels and also the different types of engine using gasoline are the common features of these trucks. The compact trucks are the most widespread type of Pickup trucks.

The History

The first even Compact truck in America was launched in 1960 by the Japanese truck manufacturing company Datsun. The truck earned huge response from the truck lovers and seeing this widest popularity of trucks, Toyota launched their own Compact Pickup truck model in 1970. Then, many more manufacturers like Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Nissan joined the party and created some memorable small pickup truck models. Still, the leading name in the Small Pickup truck industries is of Ford. Ford has created plenty of models of this category under the head of F series.

The Popularity

These models are quite popular in North America as the Full size Pickup trucks are quite heavier and longer which suits lesser to the North American taste of transporters. These trucks have rocked the European markets as well. The leading names dealing and healing in European markets are the Ford Ranger, Isuzu Rodeo, Mitsubishi Triton, Nissan Navara, Toyota Hilux and Honda Ridgeline. These trucks have not only achieved top position in sales but also have managed to win the hearts of millions of truck users in Europe. The US truck users are cherishing the sales of Ford F series and Mazda B series. Apart from these popular trucks that have already appeared in the markets, the automotive giant Volkswagen is all set to enter in the Small Pickup truck market with the forthcoming model of Volkswagen Amarok. So, the popularity of these trucks is amazing and crowd pulling.

The Technical Superiority

These trucks are created mainly by the master names like Mazda, Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, GMC and Nissan who have already proven their experty in the engines of the vehicles. The trucks that are created under the head of Compact trucks are mainly having the sections of four wheel drive, extended double cabs and different types of engines. These trucks and engines are having amazing speeds and performances. The most searched and popular models of this category of trucks are the Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon and the Dodge Dakota. These trucks are having the facility of 5 cylinder engines and are having the V8 engine with E85 ethanol gasoline. This engine not only offers the speeds but also make the pockets of the buyers satisfied with the help of better fuel economy. The 2.3 liter tank with 4 cylinder engines is the special feature of the trucks alongwith the manual transmission skill. The two wheel drive and four wheel drives are the best possible features of these trucks.

So, this is the autobiography cum Chronicle of Small Pickup trucks. These features and factors would definitely clear the doubts, confusions and curiosity about them and would bring closer to the Compact trucks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    When are companies releasing diesel engines for (Light Duty) 1/2 ton pickup trucks?

    I want info on new vehicles, not vehicles from 1980. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      i dont know about dodge but ford and chevy have V6 diesels lined up for 2009. they are both essentially the 6.4 ford and 6.6 chevy with the front 2 cylinders cut off. i know ford has been using the 4.5 in cab foward trucks for a little while with good results

    what is the light duty diesel?
    does diesel pickup truck consider to be light duty diesel?
    does heavy-duty diesel pickups are consider to be light-duty diesel?

    • ANSWER:
      Using the series # from the manufacturers like this
      Chevy/ GMC -C or K100,1500,200,2500,300,3500
      Ford – F150, 250,350
      Dodge – D(?)150, 250, 350
      all are light duty.

    What 4 cylinder diesel Pickups have been in the American Market?
    so I’m looking for a 4 cylinder diesel pickup truck to convert to vegetable oil. I’m not sure what makes, models, and years to keep an eye out for. Any suggestions for trucks that have been in the American market? Are these trucks more common on the Mexican or Canadian market?
    Also a question on terminology: are these 4 cylinder pickups known as compact, light duty, or what? what is the difference between these terms? Are there any other terms that would help me to find these smaller pickups?
    well thats more questions than i meant to ask, but I’m very confused. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Toyota, Isuzu, Chevy Luv, VW, and also the Ford Ranger. These are considered compact. Compact is a smaller truck than the light duty. light duty is considered a half ton.

      The VW is a great runner and can be found up to the early 80′s as well as the Luv. The Ford was around 86-89 and the Isuzu and Toyota were until early 90′s.

    Are 82-93 Chevy/GMC C/K with 6.2L Detroit diesel good trucks?
    Would like to get a regular cab with short or long box. Would be used as a daily driver as well as hauling light to moderate loads of dirt, gravel, tools, furniture and other stuff. I’ve looked at some of the compact pickups, some of them burn just as much fuel as the full size. I’m 6’3″ so the full size is just right.

    I’m not looking for a big power engine for heavy duty towing or hauling but one that gets great mpg.
    One of my coworkers has a 1986 GMC Suburban with 6.2L Diesel. He says it gets 19 mpg on the highway. It has 4spd auto with od.

    Under the hood it’s looks fairly simple, more room to work on being non turbo, new and used parts are plentiful and cheaper than the Ford, Dodge diesels.

    Are parts from the 6.5L Diesel interchangeable with the 6.2L Diesel?

    The majority of these trucks that I’ve seen are automatic. It’s hard to find one with a manual transmission, I guess automatic is probably reliable. The 3spd TH400 is a solid tranny from what I’ve read, used in the mail, courier trucks.

    I have never owned/driven a GM Diesel truck, How do you guys like your trucks?

    • ANSWER:
      Many of the 6.2L and 6.5L parts are interchangeable. You could take a late-model 6.5L turbo and plumbing and bolt it on to the 6.2L.
      They have a very high compression ratio, so you cannot run a lot of boost on them.
      They are IDI (Indirect-Injected) so they run a little bit on the hot side. Watch your temp when running a heavy load.
      Yeah, they aren’t powerhouses but are good on fuel economy. It would be easy to get over 20mpg in these trucks!
      The TH400 is a very strong trans from the factory. Unless someone has been REALLY mean to it it should last you just fine.
      More power and better economy can be had by getting the injector pump timed. After you purchase, take it to a diesel shop and have them verify timing. It is possible that it is a little out of spec after all those years.

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