Most Reliable Diesel Pickup

 Most Reliable Diesel Pickup

Heavy Duty Truck Manufacturers Of America

Trucks are classified in different categories according to the GVWR and in these types the most efficient and energetic trucks that pulls heaviest loads are the Heavy Duty trucks. These Mack truck Mack trucks are enriched with amazing capacities of pulling the loads and also own the heaviest towing capacities. The torque generating power and the horse power production of these trucks are amazing. And this formula can be perfectly applied to the heavy duty trucks. The operation and controlling of these trucks is quite easier but it takes lots of engineering excellence and technically stronger knowledge to create them. Here we have short listed couple of names of trucking industries who are having the best possible performance orientation in creating the Heavy Duty trucks for sale. Here are they revealed with the detailed informations.

The Peterbilt trucks

The Peterbilt truck manufacturers are one of the leading names in the industries since seven decades as the founder T. Peterbilt created the company in 1939 and since then the company has never turned back. The engineering class and the aggression of making the trucks from Class 5 to Class 8 of the company are quite impressive. These trucks are having extreme popularity in making the medium duty and heavy duty trucks. The company has also the got better grasp in making the Sleepers and longer Chassis. Some of the most popular and reputed models of the company are 200/265, 346, 348, 362, 379 and 385. These models have been welcomed by the truck lovers with massive structure and splendid response. The conventional cab of the company is so beloved by the truck operators that the company is still leading the manufacturing of the longer chassed trucks. The most attributed theme of the company is that it is the division of PACCAR who are the world leaders in creating quality engines. The efficiencies and energies of these truck engines are quite reputed and reliable. They are the leaders in the sale of North American trucks for sale industries.

The International Trucks

The International trucks are the most popular names in heavy duty trucks industries. The company was found in the earlier stage of twentieth century in 1903 with the name of Navistar International Trucks. They are the leading producers of heavy duty truck models, other commercial trucks, MaxxForce diesel engines, School Buses and also the chassis that can be set up with the vans and other appliances. The diesel engines and the smaller trucks like the Pickup trucks and SUVs are also added in these kinds of trucks. The diesel engine parts ad services are attached quite heavily with the help of International trucks. The company is having more than 1,000 showrooms in more than 90 countries of the world. They also are having the branch for financing the dealers and truck buyers with the name of Navistar Financial Corporation. These trucks are having enormous response in North America and also are the most spontaneous models of the trucking world. The leading and popular models of Heavy Duty Trucks are the 9000 series, LoneStar, ProStar and TranStar. Also the company has got huge potential in making the medium duty trucks like the CityStar, DuraStar and TerraStar. These trucks are making the trucking business more enthusiastic and efficient.

About the Author: is the site where the heavy duty trucks and other commercial trucks are available with greater efficiencies and energetic passion. These trucks are having enormous power generation and are the most desirable and decisive performers of the industries. The leading names of these truck models are the International Trucks,


Frequently Asked Questions

    most reliable/simple diesel pickup?
    I’ve got a 96 civic LX and I was looking to trade (or trade+cash) for a diesel pickup. The most important thing I’m looking for in the truck would be simplicity and reliability. I’ve been quoted that the 1987 Ford F250 6.9 is like working on an old John Deere which would be great.

    I won’t be loading concrete slabs or hauling the titanic so power really isn’t the issue. MPG is the 3rd greatest priority and I’m moving cross country to a place where it snows..

    Thoughts, ideas, experiences? It can’t be too much more than 3k (let’s make it 00 max).

    • ANSWER:
      I agree dodge builds a great diesel i hate there transmissions though they do have issues

    Which diesel pickup is my best bet?
    Im having some major problems. Im looking into buying a diesel dually truck but i cant decide on one. I keep flip flopping between them and am not sure. What i am looking at buying is either a 6.5L detriot diesel chevy/gmc (love the duramax but big $$) , a 5.9 cummins 12/24V, or a 7.3 powerstroke super duty. Im looking to spend about max of 8 grand but will throw in a little more if its the right one. Originally i was sticking with the 6.5 but they dont have much power at all and dont many performance accesories for them. I like them cause there cheap money, good mpg, and are diesels. I was also looking into a 5.9 cummins because of the huge power and torque, but im nervous about them breaking trannys like a twig (especially autos) and major body rust issues. The final truck im looking at is a 7.3 powerstroke super duty. Im not to familiar with them but have heard only good things about the 7.3 engine so far. The things that i dont like about them is my mechanic cousin says the super dutys always break (but idno if thats true or if its caue hes brand loyal to chevy) and ive also heard of oil pans rotting out and taking big money to fix. Now ive always been brand loyal to chevy and have opened up to dodge with the cummins. But ford is new to me. I just dont know which would be the most reliable with good power, good mpg, good looks, and not have big problems. Any information you guys can give me on these three diesel trucks would be very much appreciated. If you are wondering i will be probably installing a 9 ft plow and will haul a few atvs and ocassionaly a 25 ft boat. Thanks everyone
    i am also looking into the 94-97ish powerstrokes too. anybody have an experience with those?

    • ANSWER:
      with your budget get whatever you can

    Pickup Trucks: Dodge, Ford, or Chevy?
    When it comes to guys (and gals too) and our pickup trucks, we are pretty solid in what brand we stick with.

    But, I am convinced that the Dodge Ram 3500 with the Cummins Turbo diesel engine and six speed transmission is the most durable and reliable pickup truck on the market that holds its value way beyond Ford and Chevy.

    Plus, no one else can top the combination horsepower and torque values that the Cummins engine is known for.

    What are YOUR thoughts? Are you a Dodge, Ford, or Chevy man (or woman)? What are your thoughts or is there any argument at all that Dodge is Number One?

    • ANSWER:
      Im with you on the Cummins.the durability is legendary.look how many “all new” powerplants GM and Ford have gone through for their diesel engine,versus the Cummins TD. Back in the Army,the GM stuff broke so often we could practically change out the stuff in our sleep.The Trucks with Cummins engine only got swapped once in a while ( if ever ).in a interesting twist,Fords F650 is powered by the same Cummins that the ram uses (6.7 b series).

    What’s the most fuel-efficient and reliable cargo van out there?
    Look, I’ve had my share of problems with Fords and Chevys, not so much because of the Triton/Powerstroke V8s, but because the vans are made poorly and components fail. I know some people have this natural affinity for American brands, but the vans (and some pickups) just don’t cut it. I want a reliable and fuel-efficient cargo hauler, that’s about it.

    I’m well aware that the Dodge/Freightliner Sprinter is a rebadged Merc, and that the 316 Diesel engine is supposed to be fuel efficient, but judging by Merc’s passenger cars, the reliability might be shoddy, right?

    My only outlet for what I need is a small Isuzu NPR or something, but they’re not exactly fuel efficient. I wish I could import a Toyota Hiace from Mexico. Are there any used vans, like the Toyota Chinook, that’ll do the job? Or maybe buy one of those used postal trucks. Can someone help me out? Much appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      ford is importing there van from overseas this year i seen one at the auto show 4cld but does:nt look like it will haul much it would be a good local courier unit. the sprinter would be my choice

    Why do North Americans only make those big gas-guzzling cars?
    I live in La Ceiba, Honduras, Central America and I drive an Isuzu DMAX Pickup truck Diesel engine and makes 34MPG very reliable you see people here in Central America drive lots ofpickups as family cars most of them are diesel engines.

    So I have 2 questions why is diesel more expensive in the USA and why don’t they make or import the same types of cars we drive here in Central America like the toyota hilux or nissan frontier or mitsubishi L200 or isuzu dmax which are way more reliable than those cars people in the USA drive.

    People here try to stay away from USA made cars cause they’re so unrilable and gus-guzzlers.

    • ANSWER:
      well to start off i do live in the U.S., actually in Ky, a place known for it’s hillbillies and red necks. I drive a 2004 Honda civic which gets around 32 mpg in the city.

      The reason American car companies build large gas guzzling cars is because they are in demand. The market they provide for is based only on supply and demand. People here want big cars that are “safe” in accidents and that have big engines. It’s the way the American consumer mind works. Here in America, most families make enough to support themselves and still have money to buy useless products they don’t necessarily need. (hints why most countries believe that Americans are selfish douche bags)

      Large SUV’s are popular here, so it’s what people buy, regardless of gas prices. They will bitch and moan all day but in the end, they will not go trade the car in for a cheaper, more reliable car. It’s the attitude and ignorance of Americans. i owned as my first car an American built car that recently was totaled in an accident. When i was shopping for a car, i ruled out all trucks, SUV’s, and any American built car. They are the most unreliable POS thing you could buy (also the fault of the american mindset of money. auto makers provide shitty cars that break, thus the consumer pays more to fix it)

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