New Diesel Pickups

 New Diesel Pickups

The All New Nissan Navarra

Nissan is the pioneer in creating firsts of the first compact pickup trucks in the market. They will start something, others will follow. Some of their notable creations were the first extended cab body style seen in the 1979 Nissan King Cab and the first crew cab body style compact pickup in the D22 series.

Nissan Frontier, also Nissan Navara, is the most popular term for the D22 series by Nissan, together with the D40 generations. These are mostly sold in North, Central and South America and in the Philippines. It was first introduced in 1997 and still out in the market, under two series, namely the D22 and D40. The Nissan Navara is the first in most Asian countries to have a six speed manual transmission for a pickup truck. Such technology can give more mileage to the Frontier owner.

Compared to older versions of pickup trucks, the Nissan Navara is equipped with better suspension and shock absorbers to ensure comfort and luxury while on the road. It will also have a new headlamp design with distinctive projector styling and a new set of 16-inch (steel and alloy) and 17-inch (alloy) wheels. The Nissan Navara is available with the options for 4×2 or a 4×4 drivetrain.

The 2011 Nissan Navara has two options for its engine; the first is generating 350 horsepower from a six-cylinder 3.0 liter engine. The other option is 2.5dCi 4-cylinder engine that produces 190 hp 450 Nm of torque. These engine variants produces enough power to ensure getting the tasks done with utility-related jobs. The new direct injection V6 turbodiesel has been developed by the Renault Nissan Alliance to deliver high levels of performance with strong economy, competitive emissions and class-leading refinement.

Although the new pickup truck will get a new bonnet, the signature front grille with the Nissan emblem will remain the same. There will also have new projector headlights and lightly restyled bumpers which were added 80mm to the length of each models. Additional after market parts are also available to meet all your utility needs such as additional tray for more luggage space.

On the interiors, a new switchgear will be featured together with updated door trims, upholstery, chrome highlights and restyled dials. You will also see a new seat fabric that can bring in more comfortable atmosphere, even when running on a rugged road. Nissan Navara, or Nissan Frontier will also possess a Nissan Connect premium with a new high resolution touch screen, this depends on the model though.

The Nissan Navara was first launched at the Geneva Motor Show, along with the Nissan Pathfinder. Both are expected to be on sale on the markets of Europe in April of 2010.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Does anyone know about the new regulations on diesel engines and fuel that take effect in January?
    I’m considering the purchase of a diesel pickup or van for work. I’ve heard that the new rules will make the 2007 diesels less desireable and I should buy a 2006 before the end of the year. Any advice?

    • ANSWER:
      It does not matter. The only fuel that will be available after this year will be the Ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. All diesel fuel will be replaced with it, there will not be a choice of fuels. The older diesels will be compatible with the new fuel. Fuel manufacturers are responsible for placing additives in the fuel to provide enough lubricity to make up for the loss of sulfur. Get the 2007 or the 2006, either way by the end of next year all low sulfur fuel should be replaced by Ultra low sulfur fuel. Hope this clears it up some.

    Whats makes the best new diesel pickup? why?

    • ANSWER:
      Dodge Heavy Duty HO Cummins
      The truck has more torque.
      Cummins is a proven motor.
      And it’s a Dodge…no more needs to be said!

    I’m thinking about going to diesel engines in a sedan or small pickup. Whick vehicle is best used or new?
    Where to go for information and direction about buying a new or used diesel sedan or small pickup. Which is best to value for money. Can you buy a diesel VW in California? Help!

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, you can buy the Volkswagen Jetta TDI this year in California. It has come back out because it the last wasn’t clean enough.

    Why do the newer diesel pickup trucks all seem to have a tailpipe extension with venturi tabs about 18″ back?
    This is factory stock and they all seem to have it as of 2006 or 2007? What real purpose does it searve?

    • ANSWER:
      Added cooling or to produce a low pressure at exhaust, aiding flow at high speeds.

      I suspect just for looks….any chrome directly exposed to heat eventually turns blue. A chrome shroud spaced over the exhaust won’t.

    should i rebuild my motor in my diesel pickup or buy a new one?
    Its a 1991 Ford F350 crewcab. with a 7.3 liter diesel.

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on condition of truck, but since all vehicles are a money pit, if the truck is in reasonable good shape I would replace the engine with a good quality rebuilt with a guarantee. This way you will only be out ,000 or so vs ,000+ for a new truck. Your choice.

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