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Small Pick Up Trucks Snowplows -it Is About Time:

For many years most of the big plow manufacturers focused on the need for
snow plows for the full size pick up trucks. But if you havent notice for the past 10 years
the pick up truck market has changed. The full size pick up is not the only vehicle size
coming of the assembly line in todays world. However, the demand for small truck snowplows for this market is not totally un noticed. There are some plow manufacturers out there addressing this demand. But before we get to excited let discuss the different in full size pick up truck opposed to small size pick up trucks. When I look at this type of application, one of the things I look at is the operating weight, Small size pick up trucks have less operating weight when it comes to pushing snow. You want to make sure you put the right size plow on the truck and not A 8 ft plow. Your pushing pressure can only be so much moving mass. So remember to keep the plow scaled to the right small truck. Most small snowplow truck are usually used in tight spots or for home owners driveway an not used to much in the commercial application. The small pick up trucks use a 6ft to 6.5 ft plows and are made in clear Polycarbonate, or steel . The also have light weight sub frames and are be simple to install. They even is a company that makes a plow that can hook up a snow plow to just the tow hooks and You use a remote control for the plow operating with out having to install a additional wiring harness. Remember these small truck snowplows are for light weight snow work. If used for that application you will get years of good service out of them. You can now get a complete small truck snowplow systems with a full certification for under 00.00 Start the season with a brand new snowplow on your Toyota ,Honda, Dodge, Ford, Montero pick up truck. If you would like more information on small pick up truck plows

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Frequently Asked Questions

    When small trucks are reviewed, only the six cyl is reviewed. What about the 4 cyl engines?
    I would like to buy a small truck to replace my 19 yr old dodge truck. I want something that would haul my driftboat…..1,400 lbs. I look for reviews of small trucks, but all they talk about is the V6 engines. I think maybe a I4 could do everything I want. Does anyone have any experiences with these engines and towing small loads?

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve driven s10, rangers, etc for my company, and i have had the best results with the Ford Rangers. Infact, one of the guys i work with has one with 220000 miles on it and runs just great. Of course, with great maintance done to it.

    What are some model names of small trucks?
    I am currently on in the market for a new vechicle and was thinking of getting a truck. I would like to get a small model but don’t really know the model names of the companies small trucks. The only one I really know of is the Ranger line by Ford. So can anyone help by giving me the model names? Thanks.
    Thanks a bunch to the first person. You get best answer whenever it will let me do so.

    • ANSWER:
      Ford Ranger

      Dodge Dakota

      Chevrolet Colorado

      GMC Canyon

      Toyota Tacoma

      Nissan Frontier

      Mitsubishi Raider

      Mazda B series

      Suzuki Equator

    Why do full size trucks get the same gas mileage as small trucks?
    I used to have a 1991 GMC Sonoma, and just bought a used 2000 Chevy Silverado and I get the exact same gas mileage. About 14mpg city around 20 highway. The Sonoma has the 4.3 V6, and the Silverado has the 4.8 V8. What is the point of having small trucks if the big ones get the same gas mileage?

    • ANSWER:
      Back in the day vehicles weren’t as fuel-efficient as newer vehicles. If you had a ’91 Silverado with a 4.8 V8 engine it would probably be a gas-guzzler. If you use a newer model small truck such as a Ford Ranger, you’d notice it is more fuel efficient than the older Rangers.

    Automobiles and small trucks account for 84% of the travel to and from work in the United States. What fractio
    automobiles and small trucks account for 84% of the travel to and from work in the United States.What fraction reresents all othe means of travel to and from work in the United States.

    • ANSWER:
      I’ll start you off.
      84/100 = 42/50 = 21/25
      Oooops I guess I finished it.

    What year was it that truck companies stopped building small trucks?
    I’m looking to buy a 2WD 4cl truck to basically move drywall and building supplies when I work on properties. There is NOTHING out there that is in the ‘small truck’ range
    I’m in Toronto and there are only two (new models) that have good mileage that are in the ‘smaller’ end of the truck spectrum. Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier. I’d look for used ones – but I don’t know the years that they changed to ‘mid size’

    • ANSWER:
      Try these two out. Ford Ranger and Mazda B-series. They are both built in the same factory so there’s not much difference between them. Just trim mostly. Their 2.3 litre 4 cylinder engine is virtually bulletproof and very thrifty for a truck. Sorry, but they are the smallest truck of their type on the market today. If you decide on one of them, do yourself a big favour and get the extended cab for a few dollars more. You will thank yourself and me for it later.

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